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Why is it difficult to explain supernatural by using modern method?

I had interviewed a girl named Cindy, a 1st year Psychology course student. Her opinion about this question was much more related about spirit and soul. She was of the view that she agreed that is it hard to explain supernatural by using modern method as supernatural was so abstract and not concrete enough to let humans believing it. Maybe there were supernatural exist in this world but humans nowadays still beyond abilities to prove it.

Cindy did relate the question with one of her course subject – System and Theory Psychology. Before there was a science field, humans did think about the question about the human’s body and soul. Did the body and soul exist together or separate? Lots of philosophers had come through this question and try to prove it by publishing their own opinions. Philosophers Plato and Aristotle from classical Greek believe the concept of dualism, which mean that they did consider body and soul are separate. Body was just a prison for the soul to trap it and influence it to do something bad. Further information about dualism can be found out in the book entitled “Republic” and “De Anima”.

For centuries humans keep on thinking the same question, try to prove it, and keep on failing. This really showed how difficult was it to prove the existence of spirit or soul. Not surprisingly, until now, there is still no suitable method to prove supernatural. The interviewer did believe that humans will against all the odds, successfully proving the existence of supernatural in future if they still manage to stick on their belief.

On top of that, the interviewer also critiqued the close-minded thinking of certain humans. They preferred obey the ancient ideas blindly rather than accept new perception. Their stubborn thinking will definitely slower down the development of modern method to explain the existence of supernatural.

As a previous science student, the interviewer did have some suggestion about proving supernatural. Just like mentioned earlier, she had the idea about laws of energy and believed the statement about transformation energy from body to soul. Different humans will send out different frequencies from their own brains. Equivalently, soul will distribute own frequency which can be detected by using the modern method. However, this was just her suggestion point towards supernatural. Maybe it was much more difficult than she thought rather than just using a simple equipment to test supernatural.

Lastly, the interviewer strongly emphasized the important of showing a good attitude while in the progress searching explanations for supernatural. It is vital to show respect and polite after all it is still a very new field that nobody will know the consequences and effects will bring for humans in future. Hopefully it will never threaten humans’ daily lives once supernatural is successfully explained.