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What are the believe of supernatural in difference culture?

Based on my interview with Grace she agrees that different culture has different belief. To her she relates supernatural with “feng shui”. It is very amazing how feng shui can change one’s fate and destiny. The Chinese belief that if one practice feng shui accordingly it will bring prosperous to them regardless of health or wealth. From feng shui lots of things can be done. In this modern days even corporate leader believe in feng shui to enhance their business. Well, what Grace share with me is something that did not come across my mind that feng shui is so popular and I think these supernatural phenomena has slowly spread to other cultures. What I know is now even though western people also belief in this Chinese feng shui energy that can bring them prosperous and health. So you all can see how amazing the power of feng shui is in the world.

As for second people I had a malay student . As in our conversation, I had found out that sometimes certain sickness cannot be diagnosis by the doctor. So last resort is they will go to the medium. Then the patient will be given holy water to consume and it is believe that it can cure the sickness. Following is the story I was told by my interviewer…Her friend mention to her that she heard from a friend that there was one girl who has chronic stomachache and had consult lots of doctors but the doctors could not find out the main reason for the pain. Finally, her parents bring her to consult a bomoh. Don’t know whether you guys believe or not but she told me that after the bomoh read some versus he start to perform the treatment. I was told that her stomach was operating without using any anesthetic or whatsoever and the girl was conscious at that time and did not feel any pain at all! I was stunned for few seconds when she told me this. To her this is the power of supernatural.

Further more I interview a foreign student here; she told me that she is belief in tarot. But what come across my mind is, can tarot be consider as supernatural? But any way from what I get in our conversation, from the tarot card one person can know about their past and future. Usually when a person goes for the tarot card, they actually want to know their future or predictions either in health, loves, luck, education or working life. For me, tarot card cant be a supernatural but as amazing card game only….

What I can conclude here is the belief in supernatural really exists in difference culture.
It is up to them to interpret supernatural and have their own belief in supernatural. There have been so many interesting stories being shar4ed and I would say that supernatural is part of everyone cultures.