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What is your opinion about supernatural?

Hi friends...For this time i want to conclude about the interview that i had made yesterday according to the supernatural opinion among the ukm students..Some of them shy to cooperate with me and some of them willingly told their experience to me....Nevertheless, this interview will make our topic that related to the supernatural being more awesome and attractive...Hopefully their point of view will make us easier to reveal something that related to supernatural..

According to the first respondent, she believe the existence of supernatural and her opinion about supernatural is something that related to another power that is beyond our normal human power. On the other hand,second respondent said that supernatural the existence of supernatural is true and sometimes make us scare..She also said that,the way to manage the scary feeling is depend on people whether they strong or not to face the supernatural..

Beside that,the other respondent said, the existence of supernatural is true because we must believe that there are another creature that been created by our God. Moreover, sometimes people use supernatural with the wrong way and far away from our religion guidelines..

Furthermore, the other people said that supernatural is link with the ghost and related to the people that had a power such as black magic and the other else...She believe in supernatural through her father experience...

The next respondent said that the attendance of supernatural is true according the knowledge evolution since Greek civilization, they had believe in the power of natural sources such as rain, air, water, and fire..From this believe, their scholar had evaluated these sources and contributed the development of sciences in the world..He also believe the existence of supernatural based on his experience..People that envy with the other surplus also will do everything to defeat their rival to make sure their rival will lost everything and suffer in their life..

So that,most of people believe the existence of supernatural and have a very own explanation towards the true meaning of supernatural..It is depends on people whether they want to use the supernatural power wisely or not because as a human, we must do something according our rule and true path of believes..So that, we can live peacefully with the rest of our God creature. Respect each other is the most significant thing that we should do to make sure we realize our responsibility towards each other...lastly, may this topic emerge the awareness in people heart so that we can live happily ever after..