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story or experience related towards supernatural

hi guys...well, actually i had done an interview on Monday at 14th September 2009..i met a few of respondents to ask them about the story or experience related towards supernatural whether it based on their story or from the others.. from my observation,most of them had the experience during they studied at secondary school which is at hostel.

for the first respondent, she said in her former school there were a lot of hysteria cases. furthermore her school was built since in British administration and the structure of the buildings looked very old.. to overcome hysteria cases in the school, the teachers called traditional healer and religious teacher to dispel the spirit..she added that usually the nuisance of supernatural comes depends on the situation especially when examination just around the corner..on that time students will stay back to do some revisions and sleep at late night. then, she said that her best friend had seen the object flied without was only the white cloth in the air...

the next respondent told me about her experienced during she was in form 5. one night her dorm mate who was her junior saw something on her bed. her junior said there was a Chinese girl stood on her bed and it looked in a miserable. after that her junior screamed loudly like a rave..after half an hour, that girl fell unconsciously. actually the junior is the person who has not inner strength enough to fight or to prevent herself when confront with that kind of situation..people said if we are not strong enough, it will be easy for the bad spirit entered to our body and control ourselves. so please watch out..

next is the story from a Chinese respondent, which is she shared about her father experience towards supernatural..she told that last time her father had to go to outstation in Singapore. then, he slept at factory because he had to finish her job immediately. suddenly, he sensed that there was something had thrown to his body..when he awake there was nothing happen,but the surrounding was very silent and that he quickly went to temple to get the protection...

then, i had met one respondent told that he had an experienced with the black magic..according to him the reason of people used the black magic is because dissatisfied and jealousy..initially, he just do not believe that he was got the black magic from somebody who had sent to him..but after a while he felt unhappy feelings, more anxiety, cannot to think rationally,frustrated and many more..usually at 12 a.m, his behaviour totally changed. the situation changed too, like we can feel that the spirit or ghost come quite horrible and scary..then he got the traditional healer to treat him for 3 a cure, he drank a water with the holy sentences from Quran..and gratefully he returned to health...he advised, we cannot to make an agreement with the spirit like satan, djinn or others because it only make us in away from the proper be careful..

ok guys, there were some stories and experiences that i got from the my conclusion all of them only can feel the presence of spirit or ghost but to describe the appearance in details, only they know the truth.. hopefully it will become a lesson for us so that we can take a precaution..i think this will make our blog more interesting and exciting right,,hehe