Conclusion from the interview

From the interview we had done for our research topic..i had found that the respondents in UKM do believes the existence of supernatural and they are willing to share their opinion and story about the supernatural...besides that the respondents had share their experince about supernatural which was happened on them or their family member.But regarding about belief in their culture, they have difference interpret base on their experience and belief in their culture.Such as they belief in feng shui and bomoh do exist in their culture and these already as a practice in their culture.about the explaination of supernatural by using modern method, there was a respondent giving her idea about law of energy on tranformation energy from body to soul.But however, there is not concrete enough to show it as modern method in supernatural existence....


Why is it difficult to explain supernatural by using modern method?

I had interviewed a girl named Cindy, a 1st year Psychology course student. Her opinion about this question was much more related about spirit and soul. She was of the view that she agreed that is it hard to explain supernatural by using modern method as supernatural was so abstract and not concrete enough to let humans believing it. Maybe there were supernatural exist in this world but humans nowadays still beyond abilities to prove it.

Cindy did relate the question with one of her course subject – System and Theory Psychology. Before there was a science field, humans did think about the question about the human’s body and soul. Did the body and soul exist together or separate? Lots of philosophers had come through this question and try to prove it by publishing their own opinions. Philosophers Plato and Aristotle from classical Greek believe the concept of dualism, which mean that they did consider body and soul are separate. Body was just a prison for the soul to trap it and influence it to do something bad. Further information about dualism can be found out in the book entitled “Republic” and “De Anima”.

For centuries humans keep on thinking the same question, try to prove it, and keep on failing. This really showed how difficult was it to prove the existence of spirit or soul. Not surprisingly, until now, there is still no suitable method to prove supernatural. The interviewer did believe that humans will against all the odds, successfully proving the existence of supernatural in future if they still manage to stick on their belief.

On top of that, the interviewer also critiqued the close-minded thinking of certain humans. They preferred obey the ancient ideas blindly rather than accept new perception. Their stubborn thinking will definitely slower down the development of modern method to explain the existence of supernatural.

As a previous science student, the interviewer did have some suggestion about proving supernatural. Just like mentioned earlier, she had the idea about laws of energy and believed the statement about transformation energy from body to soul. Different humans will send out different frequencies from their own brains. Equivalently, soul will distribute own frequency which can be detected by using the modern method. However, this was just her suggestion point towards supernatural. Maybe it was much more difficult than she thought rather than just using a simple equipment to test supernatural.

Lastly, the interviewer strongly emphasized the important of showing a good attitude while in the progress searching explanations for supernatural. It is vital to show respect and polite after all it is still a very new field that nobody will know the consequences and effects will bring for humans in future. Hopefully it will never threaten humans’ daily lives once supernatural is successfully explained.


What are the believe of supernatural in difference culture?

Based on my interview with Grace she agrees that different culture has different belief. To her she relates supernatural with “feng shui”. It is very amazing how feng shui can change one’s fate and destiny. The Chinese belief that if one practice feng shui accordingly it will bring prosperous to them regardless of health or wealth. From feng shui lots of things can be done. In this modern days even corporate leader believe in feng shui to enhance their business. Well, what Grace share with me is something that did not come across my mind that feng shui is so popular and I think these supernatural phenomena has slowly spread to other cultures. What I know is now even though western people also belief in this Chinese feng shui energy that can bring them prosperous and health. So you all can see how amazing the power of feng shui is in the world.

As for second people I had a malay student . As in our conversation, I had found out that sometimes certain sickness cannot be diagnosis by the doctor. So last resort is they will go to the medium. Then the patient will be given holy water to consume and it is believe that it can cure the sickness. Following is the story I was told by my interviewer…Her friend mention to her that she heard from a friend that there was one girl who has chronic stomachache and had consult lots of doctors but the doctors could not find out the main reason for the pain. Finally, her parents bring her to consult a bomoh. Don’t know whether you guys believe or not but she told me that after the bomoh read some versus he start to perform the treatment. I was told that her stomach was operating without using any anesthetic or whatsoever and the girl was conscious at that time and did not feel any pain at all! I was stunned for few seconds when she told me this. To her this is the power of supernatural.

Further more I interview a foreign student here; she told me that she is belief in tarot. But what come across my mind is, can tarot be consider as supernatural? But any way from what I get in our conversation, from the tarot card one person can know about their past and future. Usually when a person goes for the tarot card, they actually want to know their future or predictions either in health, loves, luck, education or working life. For me, tarot card cant be a supernatural but as amazing card game only….

What I can conclude here is the belief in supernatural really exists in difference culture.
It is up to them to interpret supernatural and have their own belief in supernatural. There have been so many interesting stories being shar4ed and I would say that supernatural is part of everyone cultures.
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story or experience related towards supernatural

hi guys...well, actually i had done an interview on Monday at 14th September 2009..i met a few of respondents to ask them about the story or experience related towards supernatural whether it based on their story or from the others.. from my observation,most of them had the experience during they studied at secondary school which is at hostel.

for the first respondent, she said in her former school there were a lot of hysteria cases. furthermore her school was built since in British administration and the structure of the buildings looked very old.. to overcome hysteria cases in the school, the teachers called traditional healer and religious teacher to dispel the spirit..she added that usually the nuisance of supernatural comes depends on the situation especially when examination just around the corner..on that time students will stay back to do some revisions and sleep at late night. then, she said that her best friend had seen the object flied without was only the white cloth in the air...

the next respondent told me about her experienced during she was in form 5. one night her dorm mate who was her junior saw something on her bed. her junior said there was a Chinese girl stood on her bed and it looked in a miserable. after that her junior screamed loudly like a rave..after half an hour, that girl fell unconsciously. actually the junior is the person who has not inner strength enough to fight or to prevent herself when confront with that kind of situation..people said if we are not strong enough, it will be easy for the bad spirit entered to our body and control ourselves. so please watch out..

next is the story from a Chinese respondent, which is she shared about her father experience towards supernatural..she told that last time her father had to go to outstation in Singapore. then, he slept at factory because he had to finish her job immediately. suddenly, he sensed that there was something had thrown to his body..when he awake there was nothing happen,but the surrounding was very silent and that he quickly went to temple to get the protection...

then, i had met one respondent told that he had an experienced with the black magic..according to him the reason of people used the black magic is because dissatisfied and jealousy..initially, he just do not believe that he was got the black magic from somebody who had sent to him..but after a while he felt unhappy feelings, more anxiety, cannot to think rationally,frustrated and many more..usually at 12 a.m, his behaviour totally changed. the situation changed too, like we can feel that the spirit or ghost come quite horrible and scary..then he got the traditional healer to treat him for 3 a cure, he drank a water with the holy sentences from Quran..and gratefully he returned to health...he advised, we cannot to make an agreement with the spirit like satan, djinn or others because it only make us in away from the proper be careful..

ok guys, there were some stories and experiences that i got from the my conclusion all of them only can feel the presence of spirit or ghost but to describe the appearance in details, only they know the truth.. hopefully it will become a lesson for us so that we can take a precaution..i think this will make our blog more interesting and exciting right,,hehe


What is your opinion about supernatural?

Hi friends...For this time i want to conclude about the interview that i had made yesterday according to the supernatural opinion among the ukm students..Some of them shy to cooperate with me and some of them willingly told their experience to me....Nevertheless, this interview will make our topic that related to the supernatural being more awesome and attractive...Hopefully their point of view will make us easier to reveal something that related to supernatural..

According to the first respondent, she believe the existence of supernatural and her opinion about supernatural is something that related to another power that is beyond our normal human power. On the other hand,second respondent said that supernatural the existence of supernatural is true and sometimes make us scare..She also said that,the way to manage the scary feeling is depend on people whether they strong or not to face the supernatural..

Beside that,the other respondent said, the existence of supernatural is true because we must believe that there are another creature that been created by our God. Moreover, sometimes people use supernatural with the wrong way and far away from our religion guidelines..

Furthermore, the other people said that supernatural is link with the ghost and related to the people that had a power such as black magic and the other else...She believe in supernatural through her father experience...

The next respondent said that the attendance of supernatural is true according the knowledge evolution since Greek civilization, they had believe in the power of natural sources such as rain, air, water, and fire..From this believe, their scholar had evaluated these sources and contributed the development of sciences in the world..He also believe the existence of supernatural based on his experience..People that envy with the other surplus also will do everything to defeat their rival to make sure their rival will lost everything and suffer in their life..

So that,most of people believe the existence of supernatural and have a very own explanation towards the true meaning of supernatural..It is depends on people whether they want to use the supernatural power wisely or not because as a human, we must do something according our rule and true path of believes..So that, we can live peacefully with the rest of our God creature. Respect each other is the most significant thing that we should do to make sure we realize our responsibility towards each other...lastly, may this topic emerge the awareness in people heart so that we can live happily ever after..

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