Do you dare to watch it? It happened in Hong Kong...

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Geh Cha Long said...

This is a Hong Kong haunted commercial which happened in 1993. Although the commercial looked lovely, but do you count carefully how many kids are there in the commercial? Is it the equal number of the kids existed in all time?

At first, it came out as a normal commercial for the only railway company there. They didn't shoot the video to claim ghost sightings. It was after a few weeks/months, some HongKong reporters did a story about how a few kids from the commercialdied mysteriously, and the urban legend began.

hafizah abdullah said...

i suggest that all of you guys who watching this video to count the kids carefully because you will not realize the real total of the kids.
from myself experience towards watching this video,i need to see it more than third time to clearly got the count of the kids..
hope you will enjoy the show..
i bet cha long really love this clip video..hehe