5. Why is it difficult to explain supernatural by using modern method?

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fathin khamamah said...

Of course there ias hard to explain supernatural by using modern method like i said before this supernatural is the realm of things spiitual, mystical or magical..so the reason it still cannot be proven by using scientific method for example,is because there is something we cannot doing the observation in clearly, measure them or experiment them in the laboratory as we can do with beings or phenomena in the world.the existence of supernatural in the whole world is only on their faith and religious beliefs. Science is incapable to examine or testing what kind of supernatural because they have no physical effects.so maybe there is one of the reason..

Geh Cha Long said...

Based on this question, I do agree with fathin -- not really believe in using modern method to prove the existence of ghosts. But unfortunately, I do read an article saying that the ghosts can be proven by using scientific method.

According to science, energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form of energy into another form of energy. This means that no matter what is done energy cannot be destroyed.

Without any doubt, there is energy in our body. Once we dead, do you ever think before where will the energy goes? It can't just be destroyed and disappeared or else it will break the laws of science.

Some said that spirit is the form of energy that transform from the body. It can be detected by using EMF detectors ghost hunters. When ghosts are present there are higher levels of electromagnetic distortions. Many times the distortions are so high that they interfere with the working abilities of computers systems and audio/video equipment. High levels of static electricity are also detectable.

This is the website that I read the article.
So, my dear friends... Do you buy the idea?

hafizah abdullah said...

oh my dear friends...i do agree with both of you guys opinion..as we know that many ghost hunters didn't had so much method to investigate the attendance of supernatural incidents.so that,they always use sound recording and digital camera or video to analyze the sounds and the supernatural movements such as ghost and demons.sometimes, they just made a story to increase their income by creating some sound effects and ghosts pictures..nevertheless, in our new era of the development of technologies, there are still hard for us to detect the supernatural things..do you agree with me??

Geh Cha Long said...

Yes, Hafizah! I do agree that there are some "ghost hunters" just simply created a story for the purpose to increase their incomes. But as a psychology student, I just want to tell you all that supernatural was once almost categorized in science field before the science was not being so well developed yet. I came through the reading that some philosophers agued that they do have a series of theory about supernatural but just can't fix into the explaination by using science method. Who knows there may be another method rather than science and human still didn't explore yet. But what ever is it, supernatural is still a mystery until now and hardly explain in modern method.

Koh Whee Ann said...

As from a scientific viewpoint, science investigates, seeks to understand, natural or material phenomena that have existence interaction. All these evidence is important for them to form a conclusion based on their findings. Supernatural is hard to explain using scientific method because it is generally identified with religion or more primitive forms of beliefs and cannot be classified or categorized. For example ghostly encounters or god that are beyond all observation.

Science is incapable of examining or testing for the existence of things that have no physical effects. “In science, explanations are restricted to those that can be inferred from confirmable data - the results obtained through observations and experiments that can be substantiated by other scientists. Anything that can be observed or measured is amenable to scientific investigation. Explanations that cannot be based on empirical evidence are not part of science." (From the National Academy of Sciences' article, "Evolution and the Nature of Science")

fathin khamamah said...

yeah..referred to hafiza's statement..i do believe some ghost hunters have used the technologies facilities to show the supernatural world to the audience..so it's hard for us to believe it..but in my opinion once you have an experience with supernatural,only you know the truth and how the feeling in that moment..like i said before there is hard to explain supernatural by using science method even many claimed that supernatural events can be studied by scientific method ..according to the physical laws by which an event occurs become known and proven clearly, so that the event is no longer classified as "supernatural" anymore..sometimes when someone got the experienced with supernatural, people will said that it was only their dream or hallucination...so..it will be the argument to determine whether the supernatural is really exist in this world because it is still not proven and well developed yet..or if it has been proven,people want the truth that they can accept it logically....

Geh Cha Long said...

For thousand years humans searching for the true of supernatural but it just prove futile again and again. In my opinion, besides the reason of the lack evidences to support the supernatural, another major reason is the perception of human beings to this kind of topic.

Most of the humans are very close-minded and they prefer to believe it blindly rather than knowing the truth. They considered that proofing supernatural was against the God's will. Nevertheless, it is hard to change one's perception as it had been built up since very young.

In fact, some of them would have negative reactance such as quarreling, fighting and even killing when we disagree with their perceptions. It is hard to believe that there is still a lot of uncivilized humans even though we are now in 21st century. Those negative actions will certainly slow down the pace of proofing supernatural.

For the last word, it seemed like there is still a long way for the "scientists" to convince public the existence of supernatural.

Koh Whee Ann said...

Eventhough Cha Long did mention the energy, EMF detector and electromagnetic that can be detected but scientist still can’t prove in theory the existence of the supernatural pnenomena. I would think that they will be in a conflict position because in one hand the found some substance which they can work on it and the other hand they have nothing physical to prove or back up their findings.

In conclusion, there is no proven of supernatural existing by scientific method because there is no reference and procedure to follow as in scientific method. Without these we might not know whether the method used is correct and acceptable. The accountability of the method will be question before we can accept the method’s conclusion. Furthermore, science strives to ignore the evidence of ghost or even deny the existence of life after death. So what ever supernatural phenomenon, event and existence is up to peoples perception and believe. and also their experience on it....so,we cant argue it by using scientific method.

hafizah abdullah said...

may i add some of my point of view??
for my opinion,i think our life will obviously controlled by the supernatural things because if we realize,our illusory nature that based in the cyber world that had been created by human nowadays can't be seen by the real scenery through our eyes..so that, i think this sort of things also included in the part of supernatural things..

in the other hand, the development of technologies in our world had been revealed the powerful of networking that can't be seen by us..have all of you think how we can call our mother that far from us using a phone??and did you realized where the power is come from??
so that i think that our real life are exposed to the real supernatural things although we can't proved the existence of supernatural that connected to the ghosts and etc..
this is just my point of view..
give me some idea to think this is real or not my friends..

Geh Cha Long said...

In sum, the fact saying that using scientific method to explain the existence of supernatural is still a big question mark as it can't be observed easily, be measured or even be experimental in laboratory. There is also an argument between the supernatural and dreams or hallucination which made the modern method much more difficult to be accepted. On top of that, most of the close-minded public is also one of the stumbling block to the development of the modern method in supernatural. Although there is a statement showing that EMF can be used to detect ghosts, but it is still unreliable and more evidences are needed to explain it. Furthermore, some "Ghost Hunters" who willing to gain profits , bluffing the innocent public by just pretending as "Supernatural Experts" . It is vital to warn the public be careful and be more alert towards those "Experts".

Koh Whee Ann said...
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