3. What story or experience can you share about supernatural?

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Koh Whee Ann said...

This is based on my own experience. It is difficult to describe exactly what happen. I used to have this nightmare if I were to sleep very late in the night. While I were a sleep I can feel a force coming towards me. Even though my eye is close, I am aware where I was. I still can hear the sound of the fan moving but it’s just that I can’t move my body at all! I try to scream and seems like the scream is so real but actually no sound came out from my mouth! I try to move frantically but fail to. There is a sound beside my ears which me myself cannot describe. Sound so alien to me. I have try to share my experience and few don’t really or understand what I when through. Feedbacks from them is that – I’m dreaming and some says that I’m in the Eye Rapid Movement Stage where I’m partially awake and partially asleep. To me I don’t think I cannot accept the scientific explanation because the feelings is so real and scary.
what about you, my friends?

Geh Cha Long said...

It happened last year after I entered UKM. That night, I was slept into a deep slumber. Suddenly, I could hear somebody was knocking the door. I stilled can recall it was about 5am as I could hardly hear the muslims started praying. Without second thought, I opened the door. It was my roommate. I wondered why he didn't take the key before he went out. But I was too sleepy to ask such question. He came in and then I continued my sweet dreams.

After a few days, my roommate tried to mention out that incident to me. Thanks god as I almost forgot it and luckily he brought that incident to the desk again. After hearing his explaination, I could feel the cold chilled into my spine and I wished I wouldn't know the truth if second chance was given.

Actually that night, he was about going to toilet at 2pm in the midnight. Before he went out, he was quite confirmed that he double checked the door to make sure that it did not lock. Unfortunately, it locked when he came back. He knocked the room for hours but I just couldn't hear it. He also tried to get help from the neighbours but I just slept as silent as a death body.

Finally, I heard his knocking and gave him the entrance. Once he entered the room, he saw a kid standing next to my bed, looking at me. Oh my god! My roommate had the gift for being able to see the ghosts. He asked the spirit kid for the reason to do such a monkey business. But the spirit replied certainly gave my roommate and I a huge shock!! Spirit said that the locked door was none of his business. It was an another woman who gave him an order not to unlock it. Wow... Can you just imagine how goosebumps was I after knowing the truth!! I would surely get a heart attack if my heartbeats were not strong enough. And yet there was still something that even my roommate couldn't able to sense it in the room. This is how I experienced the supernatural in UKM. Pretty cool! Isn't it?!

fathin khamamah said...

hi...wow,that is scary question...okay,firstly i really thankful because until now i still do not have any experience about supernatural...generally i always heard from other people's story, and make me goose-flesh and terrible..i just can't imagine if i faced to that situation which is very anxious, spooky and creepy..I'm not desire at all..

however, i want to share with all of you about my friend's experienced named Nadrah..she is my schoolmate during in secondary school..this story has been occurred since we were formed five at hostel.
one night, she sleep early so that she can wake in the middle night to study.she alarmed around 2 o'clock, but then when she tried to get up,her body couldn't move at all,like has been tied up firmly. once, she tried to scream, her voice didn't heard by other people..then there was a very strong force came towards her like overlapped,she struggled to fight back,but it's quite hard..suddenly she felt that her bed was turned around,and there is dissemble voice speaks in her ears..in that moment she just pray that god will save her..
after 10 minutes,she relieved and grateful because finally the situation back to normal.she seat for a while and calm down..everything was being OK..
well,i observed this story quite similar with koh wee an..but when my friends told me her experience, I'm really proud with her because she is very brave and she said it was amazing thing that happened to her,it was supernatural,because you can't see it but you feel it nearly...it is so mysterious..goosebumps

hafizah abdullah said...

wow..both of the story are so cool and scary experience actually.as for me,i didn't have any experience of supernatural at all.nevertheless,i just always heard a lot of stories about the evil spirits from my friends.one of my friends told me about what had happened to her neighbour when we are in form 5,her neighbour is a pretty young lady who had a lot of fabulous fan in their village.then,one day,someone came to proposed her as a wife,unfortunately,she refused the marriage proposal and after a month,she became sick.at first,her family brought her to hospital to find out what illness she really had,but,doctor said nothing had happened to her.at last,the doctor recommended her family to bring her to find a traditional healer.

after that,the traditional healer said that she had been blacked magic by someone else.after a year she seek the traditional healer,she had been dying and finally she died.her body fulled with swollen and the worse part was at her leg and fingertips.so poor of her.

sometimes people does not care what is the effect when they do a bad supernatural things to their enemy or someone that they thing may bring them down.so that,hopefully in the era of highest education and technologies,we will set up our mind to be kind with all of people and human surround us..

fathin khamamah said...

wow fiza your story is very interesting, well black magic is something that popular especially in Malay community..if you don't believe it,you can see drama in tv3 every Thursday around 9.30 pm..hehe..
actually i would like to share my cousin's story about black magic..she is really suffered because the impact of black magic is awful..definitely black magic can change the physical and behavior of someone like my cousin...she is so poor..as i can see she is totally different,means that she became more aggressive, full of anger, uncontrolled, un happy and lonely...from physically, her body looked more skinny, pale, very tired and gloomy..my mother told me that, this was happened because she has rejected someone's love in her village. when she want to get married with other man, that guy was very frustrated and dissatisfied,so he decided to use black magic as a revenge..until now my cousin still in treatment by traditional healer in Sabak Bernam..
what i can said this is so terrible and unscrupulous..
as a Muslim this kind of thing is definitely prohibited..don't ever use a black magic in our life because we will live peacefulness..be rational, and keep praying to god...

hafizah abdullah said...

actually i am fascinated by geh cha long story.thank god because now we in Ramadhan month..hehe...actually his story had made me not sleep well for many night..according to our believe,most people believe in what they had been told by anybody else.sometimes,each religion and races have their own spooky stories that become a heritage to tell their youngsters.

most of people who live in the hostel will have their own experience.hysteria also one type of supernatural spirits.so that,when you were told by someone else about supernatural,just be confident and stay calm to make sure that you didn't feel scare when you face the spooky things by your own.

Geh Cha Long said...

Haha... Hafizah! If my story really scare you, then I will guarantee this another story will again lead you to insomnia. This is one of most scary story I had ever heard. Although the ending is a bit funny, but it certainly give me a shock at first.

It happened in a china city and yet there lived a couple at 11th floor in the apartment. Unfortunately, the guy had an affair and was discovered by his girlfriend. She was so upset for facing such a cruel reality. She decided to commit suicide so that the guy will feel guilty for his whole life. Before she jumped down from the windows, she cursed the guy that he will be only living for 7 days as her spirit will return back to get his life.

Without second word, the guy got shock and immediately went every corner of the world to search for help. Luckily, there was a master who willing to help him. The master told him that hiding under the bed as the ghosts can't bend their bodies to search things. Once the ghost can't find the wanted person that night, it will never ever appear again.

Needless to say, the guy followed the master's taught cautiously. But still the next day the new came out reported that the guy was died. The master was very curious with the incident. How could the guy die unless he didn't follow his instructions. He decided to pay a visit on the death scene.

After few hours thinking, he finally get the answer. The position of the dead girlfriend explained everything. When the woman jumped down from the windows, her head would kiss the floor first. That mean the spirit of the woman will be upside down when she returned back to search for guy. Without any effort, the ghost finished her purpose easily.

Haha.. my dear friends! Do you get shock? Do you like this scary and a bit humour supernatural story?

Koh Whee Ann said...

About the black magic story that hafizah had told, I also heard about . Mostly it happen in the rural area where loves was rejected and turn into hatred. Before someone being cursed usually they need the finger nails or a string of hair.

fathin khamamah said...

sort of....well, my beloved friend..it's my pleasure to know all about your experience and story and i can conclude that usually we just heard the story of supernatural from other people or it could be classified as rumors but when it really happen through in our life with consciously, i will guaranty that it is absolutely haunted our mind and emotion. maybe that is bad experience but for the seekers of supernatural that is mesmerizing and a victory for them if they get the experience.....so be careful because wherever we are, just remember that this world is not belong to us,we share this nature..so behave ourselves..or else, you will face the mystery of supernatural..hehe...

hafizah abdullah said...

First of all, i felt really funny when think back of what Geh Cha Long had told us about the couple.It is true for some reasons that the supernatural things could happened towards revenge and grudge between each others. But,as for me, supernatural also happened between seller and their customer.
this reason is base on my friends experiences.they told me that they went to one booth that sold cosmetic products and the seller asked them to test their products,so they tried the products without no hesitation at all.after they had tried the products, the seller asked them to buy their products, and they willing to buy it and you know guys...they had spend more than RM2000 to buy the product...it really waste right my friends?
after they came back to the college, they told us that they had bought some cosmetics.i am sure that the cosmetics didn't had any advertisement before and for me that really love to know about cosmetics also can't detect from where the cosmetics are coming from..so that,they realize that they had been hypnosis by the seller because they obey all the seller commands.they had been regret for it but let us take their experiences as a lesson to make sure we didn't did the same thing..
in the other hand, can all of you guys imagine that all of my friends could easily spend a lot of money in one time while they actually did not interested to put up the make up on their faces before this??i actually really shock with their story and finally i realize that we cannot easily let other people touch us because with the body contact, other people can easily hypnosis us to do something that we cannot think and below our conscious mind.
so that what is your opinion my friends?

fathin khamamah said...

yeah.....i really attracted with all the story...supernatural can be used for many reasons and purposes..sometime people use supernatural for a revenge, or take for a granted,and many more..but we must remember if we do something kind to other people, we deserved to get the reward, and it's same when we do a bad thing we will receive the consequences or i can said as "karma's law".....so be careful...